Neon Drifters

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Navigate through a cyberpunk metropolis filled with danger


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Neon Drifters is a really fun endless runner that challenges you to navigate a hovercraft around the skyscrapers of a ‘cyberpunk’ city. Your objective: to earn as many credits as you can before one of the obstacles puts an end to your adventure.

The controls are really simple: by clicking on both sides of the screen you can move your character from one side to the other. This technique can help you avoid all the obstacles that you run into, AND, if you can also earn a bunch of credits while you’re at it...even better.

You can unlock new characters with the credits that you earn. You’ll start off with two, but you can unlock more than half a dozen different characters with their respective hovercrafts, of course.

Neon Drifters is a super entertaining 2D arcade that includes an interesting setting, really charming retro visuals and a bunch of unlockable characters.
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Android 4.1 or greater is required